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What Does Optimal Leadership Look Like? 

You have different needs at different levels of your organization. You cannot apply a "One Size Fits All" approach to developing leaders and managers.

The right solutions at the right times are essential. 

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I believe that the difference between a "good" consultant and a "great" consultant is in our partnership. I strive to partner with you to solve your problem, not just treat your symptoms.


Many consultants do as little as possible while charging as much as possible and hope to keep coming back to solve the same problem. I don't - I try to solve your problem the first time. This means asking questions to diagnose the problem before treating it. 

Like in medicine, prescribing without diagnosing is called malpractice. Giving a solution without knowing the problem is like prescribing for a fever without knowing its cause. Sure, the fever may go down, but you may die from infection in the meantime. 

Reach out and let's see how we can work together to help you achieve your goals. 

Leadership Solutions


Keynote Speaking

Call Dr. Wade for your next conference, business meeting, seminar, workshop, or event. His wit and wisdom will leave you with a memorable learning opportunity that adds value. As an international speaker, Dr. Wade speaks on several topics. He's sure to have one ready for you or can easily adapt to your audience. 



You're only as good as your people. Dr. Wade can deliver a range of courses for employees, managers, and leaders. 



Strategic planning, leadership retreats, executive coaching, and other executive-level services are available. 

Online Class

Employer Health

Healthcare is a top cost. But it can also drive retention, recruitment, and satisfaction. Learn how Dr. Wade has saved millions of dollars for employers.

Construction Workers


Talent is scarce. Learn to apply new strategies to build a pipeline for talent. 

Therapy Session

Career Coaching

Need help prepping for your next job or promotion? Dr. Wade has helped thousands in their job search. 

Group Portrait of Friends


As an HR executive, Dr. Wade helped align people, practices, and leadership. Learn best practices to be your best.

Business Plan

Your Needs

My goal is to help you acheive your goals. 

Reach out and let;s work together to help you solve your needs. 

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