Primary Program 2021

This page is set up for the Horizon Hills Ward Primary to assist in the preparation of the 2021 Priimary Program. If you have any questions about this page's content, please contact Lauri Larson at (707) 290-9121 or by mail at

Songs to Practice

Please click on the player below to play and sing along with each of the songs. See the form below to fill in the circles each time your child practices each of the songs. The goal is to practice each song three times each week prior to the Primary Program. Each week, children will earn a prize for completing the task in its entirety. 

(All songs copyrighted through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. All songs downloaded from for the sole purpose of using for church-related activities and will not be used for any other purposes.)

Joseph Smith's First Prayer
I Stand All Amazed
The Spirit of God
The Church of Jesus Christ
When He Comes Again
I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
I Will Be Valiant
The Priesthood is Restored