Ready for HR 3.0?

Ready or it is!!

The world has changed. Have you?

Or are you still managing the same way you've been doing it for the past several years? The world is different, business is different, and employees are different. Dig into the 6 transformations you need to be ahead of to successfully navigate the changes of today's tumultuous environment. Learn how to change your delivery model, adopt digital transformation, change your people strategy, create new cultures to match your strategy, get ahead of leadership, and drive the change within your organization that creates the outcomes you need. 

Tuesday @ 2:30

Time to Rebrand! Revitalize! and Relaunch! Your Career

The past few years have been a challenge...are you ready to regain your energy? We'll share ideas of how to regain your energy, redefine your options, and consider if and how to make the move for a promotion or move.  

Tuesday @ 4:00

HR 3.0!
Achieving Success in a Brave New World

The world has changed...have you? We are working in a world with new global dynamics, business pressures, and employee demands. We are in a new generation of technology, process, and engagement. This shift requires a new approach. 

Wednesday @ 10:30

The Magic of
Getting SHIFT Done

Youve got a lot of ideas and strategies to implement to achieve change. do you make it all work? 

To create the shift in beliefs, behavior, and results, you need a new model to help you get there. Come get ideas on how to make it happen. 

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Live Events!!  SHRM Talent 2021

Come Join Us!

Avoid Your Worst Hiring Nightmares!

I'll be joining thousands of you in Vegas for a great start back to "normal" as we see each other's faces once again!! Join me as I share the best ways to avoid your hiring nightmares. 

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My Philosophy

Your Success is My Success...Let's Get It Done Together

Doing something for over 25 years gives you a perspective that cannot come any other way.  Sometimes you win...sometimes you learn. Any consultant who tells you they ONLY experienced success is either lying or inexperienced. Either way, that's not the partner you want to handle your complex challenges.

You want someone who's "been there, done that" and can provide the guidance to help you achieve your best. A coach must be able to give you encouragement and tell you like it is when you need to hear them. You can't fix what you don't know and that's what you hire me to do - tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 

My goal is to help you achieve your mission and become a better person, leader, and company. I'm direct, project-focused, a bit tenacious, and try to bring a bit of humor into the mix so we can maintain perspective and take our work seriously (but not ourselves). 


HR Consulting Services

  • Employee Surveys

  • Culture Studies

  • Employee Training

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Employee Engagement

  • HR Infrastructure

  • Organizational Alignment

  • Strategic Planning

  • Leadership Alignment

  • Strategic Leadership Training 

Healthy Blog


Get the latest and greatest from Dr. Wade on the latest in HR 3.0, leadership, management, corporate wellness, career coaching, the job market, etc.  

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Corporate Wellness & Benefits

  • Wellness Program Design

  • Employee Engagement

  • Wellness Program Development

  • Wellness Committee Training

  • Employee Education

  • Benefits Program Analysis

  • Benefits - Wellness Alignment




Are you an active jobseeker? Find resources to help you:

  • Set your career goals

  • Shift your mindset to find success

  • Revise your resume

  • Write a killer cover letter

  • Revise LinkedIn & social media

  • Nail the Interview Process
  • Post-Interview Strategies
Online Course


Get training for you and your employees:

  • Online management training

  • Online compliance training (harassment & discrimination)

  • State required training (CA, WA)

  • Professional development

  • Onsite workshops

  • Onsite retreats, strategic planning 



Are you looking for a keynote, workshop, or another speaking resource that's memorable, engaging and different from the rest? Look no further! Find out why Dr. Wade is requested time and time again with his unique directness mixed with humor and real-life stories that connect with audiences at all levels.This is an experience you won't want to miss! 

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If you're a career coach, let's connect. Let me help you to help others. As an HR executive and professional for the past 25 years, I'll share my insights from "the other side" of the table...what we're looking for, what we've seen, what works, what doesn't work. I've compiled the "best of" and shared it with you as coaches to help your clients do their best.  


Come check out my resources including blogs, podcasts, videos, books and other resources available to you to help you achieve your best.  


Visit me on our company site at As we build out our site, please be patient and come back often to both sites!