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Meet Dr. Wade

Dr. Wade Larson is the President of Optimal Talent Dynamics, a consulting group centered around workforce development, leadership, and HR success. Most recently, he has served as the Chief Human Resources Officer for Wagstaff, Inc., a global manufacturer in the aluminum industry. 


He is on a personal mission to help others achieve their best. Dr. Wade has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals as a leadership and workforce consultant to improve processes and optimize performance. As an international speaker, author, trainer, and adjunct professor, he challenges leaders to transform their organizations, people, and communities to achieve their best in this world. 


Over the past 30 years, Larson has gained unique insights into how leaders achieve success through their people. He also recognizes the extent to which the world has changed over the past two years – and he shares a new model for leaders to adapt to the new rules of today’s workforce in his latest book HR Transformation.

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He brings a broad network of other professionals whom he can call to provide professional expertise to your organization. Dr. Wade can work with employees at all levels to identify challenges, evaluate opportunities, and design and implement solutions for long-term success. More can be found at, or


Experience Summary

  • HR & Leadership Expert

  • Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership

  • MBA with an emphasis in HR and Organizational Change

  • 25 years in human resources, management development, training, and consulting

  • 20 years of active consulting - Over 250 companies across multiple industries

  • Specialized expertise in Industrial, Manufacturing, Education, and Government Industries.

  • Experience in all Sectors – For Profit / Government / Not-for-Profit
  • Author: Doing HR Better (2018), Mind Shifts in Healthcare (2019), HR Transformation (2020)

  • International speaker and training facilitator – over 30-events per year (average)

  • Certified Coach – Coach Training Alliance & The John Maxwell Team

  • 15 years of executive leadership experience

  • 20 years of business performance and HR operations consulting

  • 20 years of experience as an adjunct university professor.

  • Lead Adjunct Professor for Washington State University’s Carson College of Business Executive MBA Program.

  • Adjunct professor for Gonzaga and Whitworth University.

  • 2022 Washington Workforce Association Employer of the Year.

  • Board Member – Spokane Workforce Council

  • Board Member – Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

  • Board Member – State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board

  • Board Member – Boy Scouts

  • Advisory Member – SCC Machining Program

  • Advisory Member – Cheney High School

  • Member – GSI Education & Training Council

  • Spokane Leadership Council – Launch NW (Innovia Foundation)

  • Member – GSI Committees

  • Leadership Team – Career Connect Northeast Washington

  • AAAC Team – Coordinating Legislation related to workforce training

  • National Committee – Future Business Leaders of America


Coaching Philosophies


· Your journey begins with you—(a) What do you want? (b) Why do you want it? And (c) How do we get it? (in that order)

· The coach is a guide to help the leader find the solutions within us as we work in alignment with your goals.

· The best coach asks the best questions...and enables the individual to find the answer...always toward the goals.

· A leader should only engage a coach if they are willing to be held strictly accountable to set and achieve the goals and targets they want to achieve.


The coach is…

* A supporter and cheerleader—on your side and dedicated to your success.

* A strategist to help you find your best solutions.

* An accountability partner who is paid to be your conscience and (sometimes) a driver.

* A confidant...what happens in coaching, stays in coaching. Confidentiality is key. 


The coach is not

* Your therapist. A coach is not here to listen to excuses...I’m here to break through them.

* Your parent. I am here to help you be successful. I’m not here to make you feel guilty.

* Your boss. I am committed to your success...but you have to do your part.

Leadership Philosophy


· Leadership starts with a vision—clarity, and communication of vision are what most leaders struggle with defining.

· Alignment is essential—it starts with mission, vision, and values. This sets the tone for everyone and everything.


· When the organization knows what it wants from its people, we can set clear expectations and guide performance.


· People can’t fix what they don’t know—a leader’s role is to


(a) teach,

(b) coach,

(c) guide,

(d) enable, and

(e) value people.


· Leading is not managing—Managing is not leading. Both are necessary...but not the same.


· Leadership is a lifelong skill that must continuously be developed. We are never “good enough” as leaders.


· There is always something to be learned. There is always something to be taught.


· Our role as leaders is to teach, share, and provide the vision for others to achieve success.


· Leadership is one of the scarcest resources in organizations today. More must be developed and shared.

Training Philosophy

· An organization is only as good as the people that work for it.


· Performance is a function of knowledge, skills, and attitude...influenced by the environment within which a person works.


· Culture affects everything…creating a culture of learning is the single greatest defining attribute of the best companies.


· Growth opportunities are the #1 need for employees—if we don’t provide them, we cannot retain employees.


· Employees and managers cannot “connect the dots” if the dots don’t exist.

Managers cannot manage effectively if they have not been given the tools in the toolkit to work with.



Office:  (509) 219-9997


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