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Mind Shifts in Healthcare

Proven Strategies to Bend the Healthcare Curve!

EMPLOYERS ARE DESPERATE TO FIND A SOLUTION Employers are desperate to find a way to make employee benefits affordable, competitive, beneficial, and just work. Unfortunately, it's just not working. Health insurance is usually the #2 largest expense on an employer's books (right after salaries!) and most treat it like overhead. Employees are unhealthy, costs go up, and you wonder how you can continue to afford benefits from year to year while staying in business.



What if instead, you were able to use employee benefits as an incentive to drive employee engagement, improved health, and increased profits - all while achieving high performance without paying any more than you already are? What if employees could pay less, the company could save millions, and employees could have access to expanded health coverage all with paying probably less than what you are today? 

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Doing HR Better

We have an opportunity to do so much more!

We often fall prey to the curse of "that's the way it's always been done around here." Instead, we have an opportunity to make a positive difference in the way we run our organizations. 


We can do better! It's time we did better!


In his book, Dr. Wade Larson explains his 4-step continuous improvement model and applies it to the human resources function. Larson identifies methods to streamline processes, reduce waste, improve outcomes and increase performance company-wide. 


Examples are provided along with step-by-step instructions on how to apply the model in managing HR, performance, compensation, benefits, succession planning, and more. Come read how others have used this model to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and timeliness in delivering the HR promise to the organization. 

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