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Is Affordable Healthcare out of Reach for Employers?

Not if you know how to play the game...

Healthcare is complicated...and expensive. We've watched costs skyrocket out of control for years. But is there anything we can do as employers to control costs for us and employees? 

Dr. Wade shares his perspectives on how one employer took charge of its healthcare costs by implementing a unique approach to employee wellness and engagement. It also includes several non-traditional approaches to managing healthcare that few employers take advantage of but are readily available if you know where to look.

Click the link below to see Wade's presentation from SHRM 2018.



Consider bringing in Dr. Wade for one of your next conferences, retreats, workshops or other events. You may also consider using one of the other services available that are listed below. Feel free to reach out directly to learn more about how Larson Leadership Consulting can help make your organization or event a success.

Keynotes & Workshops


Looking for a presenter that has just the right mix of both content and humor, dynamic delivery and relatable stories that connect with everyone? Dr. Wade's background and experience combine research and theory with practical application to provide participants with actionable ideas that motivate, spark creativity, and take audiences to a new level of thinking what is possible in their workplace and their lives. Learn more about topics and workshops available. 


Employee Surveys


Employee engagement surveys are an effective method to find out what your employees think and feel about your company and its culture, leadership, and strategy. Just asking people what they think is not enough, Bringing in a knowledgeable expert to design and execute your survey is essential. With the right tools in place, Dr. Larson's qualified survey analysis and strategy development can then help your leadership team understand what the data means and formulate the right strategies to put your organization on the path to higher growth and better outcomes. 


Leadership Development


Leadership development takes more than just a seminar or a workshop. It takes a concerted effort to identify competencies, structure goals, and create individual plans that align individual and organizational objectives to prepare for the future. Reach out to find out more about how to begin your journey towards developing yourself and your leaders as you prepare your company for its future success. 


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