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Develop the Competencies and Passion to Make a Differerence in Your Life and the World

You have the potential to make a difference in the world. 

Find the path to be the leader and make that difference for yourself and others to achieve your best!

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Gain the competencies and teach your executives, leaders and employees how to become the most valuable asset to your company. 

Be the Leader in the Room...


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Obviously what we've been doing isn't working...come see what does. Thought leadership in how HR can work in an organization. 

HR Done the RIGHT Way


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Healthcare reform is done at the employer level - period! No one will solve the issue for you. Come find the solutions to help you win the healthcare battle. 

Save Millions as an Employer


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The war for talent is only going to get worse. Let's talk about the real strategies that it will take to get the talent we need over the short- and long terms.

It's a War Out There! Wanna Win?


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You may have a good story, but without the proper delivery of it, you'll go unheard. Come see what we can do to help you with telling your next employer what you have to offer.

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Whether it's a Conference Keynote, a breakout session, a small group setting or something else, find out how to bring Wade to you. 

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Dr. Wade can bring a Maxwell Leadership Program to your site!

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Need a keynote, workshop or presentation for your next conference or business meeting? Reach out to Dr. Wade and bring out the best option to align your group on leadership, employee engagement, and talent!

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My Philosophy...

My philosophy is simple... your organization is only as good as the people that work for it. If you want better outcomes, it starts with your people. No matter what your strategy, capital, assets, product or service, if you don't have the right talent in the right place, you can't win. 


I use proven methods to take groups large and small through a journey of learning and growth to do more, accomplish more, and be more. With the right approaches to people, practices and leadership, anything is possible. 


It starts with a clear understanding of core leadership principles. From there, we bring in the values, mechanics, logistics and strategies to take you from where you are to your highest potential. 


I invite you to start matter where you take your first step forward to a new level of achievement and success!

"Absolutely the best speaker all day. Dr. Wade delivers insights, stories and practical applications that I can do something with. I'll remember this..."

-Tom S.

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