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Healthcare reform starts with an employer-employee partnership...

Healthcare is Expensive...

...Time to Manage it That Way!

Healthcare is the second largest line-item expense for most employers (second only to payroll). But most only pay attention to cost once a year when it's time for renewals. To take control of healthcare costs, it takes a year-round strategy that requires a partnership between employers and employees. 

It also takes taking a different approach than what we've been using. Obviously, what we've been doing for the past 20 years has not been working. This takes imagination, creativity and maybe a little risk but the rewards are worth it!

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Looking for Solutions?


I've taken proven strategies from the past 13 years that have saved millions and summarized it in my new book. It's a one-stop location to give you a set of options to build a partnership with your employees to take control of your healthcare spend. 

Blog Posts...

Image by Justine Camacho

Pharma Tourism

Why Pharma Sent Me to Mexico

See why I send my employees south of the border for Specialty Meds...and why it saves our plan gobs of money...


Wellness Regs!

Is Your Wellness Program in Danger?

New regulations - or the lack thereof - may be placing your plan and incentives in danger. Are you ready?

Image by Marion Michele

When It Works!

When Wellness Just Works...

Examples of what can happen when wellness plans just work for you and your company.

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